I'm a girl with a cool Belgian Malinois (ig: mali_chase).  Chase and I live in the cutest little town on the Puget Sound, Steilacoom.   Our days start with a walk to the best coffee shop ever.  Then we go to the beach for play time before walking home for chats (angie) and pets (Chase) from everyone we meet along the way.

I grew up dreaming of becoming a Walt Disney cartoonist and spent hours with a pencil and a stack paper.  The camera was simply a new tool to apply and break the rules of art while story telling through frames rather than paper.   

My passion is documenting authentic life.   Each one of us have our unique strengths and beauty.   Making you shine and telling your story is what I do best!

Most of my clients become great friends, and I still photograph past wedding couples as they reach new milestones together.  I consider it an immense honor to be chosen to record memories and love the friendships I've gained through working with people.

Outside of work I'm your typical PNW girl:  I hike and camp (with my all girl's hiking group the "Squirrels"); swim; bike; kayak, and fly fish (don't we live in a cool state?!)  I like maple syrup lattes, Red Zin, sunny days in the garden, and snow on Christmas.  I don't use umbrellas, lipstick, or an iron.  And I love my house packed full of friends as often as possible!